INNOVATIVV: We Invest in AI Startups That Disrupt & Innovate Their Sector

Investing in Disruption at INNOVATIVV

In a rapidly evolving technological world, we at INNOVATIVV have one core mission: to identify and invest in early-stage Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups that are not just participants in their respective sectors but are actively reshaping them.

The startups we invest in are helmed by talented, visionary leaders who not only understand the landscape of today but also have a clear and detailed roadmap to shape the landscape of tomorrow. We believe that a disruptive business model coupled with an exceptional team is the winning recipe for innovative breakthroughs.

At INNOVATIVV, we are not just investors. We are partners, committed to supporting our portfolio companies every step of the way, ensuring they have the necessary resources to explore, create, and innovate. Our investment doesn’t just represent financial backing; it’s a testament to our faith in the team’s ability to change the game, to be trailblazers in their industry.

Artificial Intelligence has been pivotal in bringing about technological revolutions across industries, from healthcare to logistics, from finance to entertainment. It has the power to make our lives easier, our businesses more efficient, and our societies more inclusive. And we at INNOVATIVV want to be part of this revolution, supporting the innovators who are making it possible.

While AI forms the technological backbone of the startups we invest in, it’s the disruptive potential that truly excites us. We invest in companies that challenge the status quo, that reimagine the way industries operate, and that dare to dream of a better and more efficient world.

We know that innovation is not born out of playing it safe. It comes from taking risks, pushing boundaries, and daring to think differently. That’s why we back startups that take the road less traveled, the ones brave enough to disrupt their sectors and ambitious enough to innovate for a better future.

Join us at INNOVATIVV as we empower the next generation of AI startups, drive disruptive innovation, and shape the future of technology. We’re not just investing in AI; we’re investing in the future, one startup at a time.

To the game-changers, the risk-takers, the innovators, and the visionaries, INNOVATIVV is here to make your vision a reality. We are more than just investors; we are partners in your journey towards disrupting, innovating, and leading your sector.

Our strategic investments span across a diverse range of AI-driven businesses, each an industry game-changer in its own right. Three of our current partnerships epitomize our commitment to fostering innovation and disrupting traditional paradigms.

Invest in AI Startups that Disrupt & Innovate

INNOVATIVV’s Initial Investments:

DataGenn AI: As the most significant investment by INNOVATIVV’s Founder Benjamin Ogden, DataGenn AI Corp is a testament to his belief in the comprehensive potential of AI. This vertically integrated AI company offers business solutions across the entire stack. With its smaller Self Learning Large Language Models (SLLMs) and domain-specific language models, is shaping a future where AI serves enterprises, venture capitalists, and startups alike, revolutionizing industries across the board. It creates a profit feedback loop by offering custom AI development service via DataGenn Development. Additionally, the business provides customers DataGenn Cloud where then can run generative AI apps in the cloud and find AI ML services including model training, embeddings, data storage, data splitting, machine learning algorithms & natural language processing (NLP) solutions. Under the seasoned leadership of INNOVATIVV’s founder, Benjamin Ogden, AI SEO Agency has redefined SEO optimization through AI. This AI-driven SEO company ascended to the #1 spot on Google search within a week of its launch – a testament to the disruptive potential of AI in digital marketing. Leveraging our deep understanding of SEO, we recognize the groundbreaking work is doing in the realm of AI-powered SEO.

Chattly.AI: As the cutting edge of generative AI technology, Chattly is not merely AI content marketing software. It’s going to be a vibrant marketplace, a community hub where AI enthusiasts converge to trade art, sell prompts, offer AI development services, and more. With Chattly.AI, we’re not just financing a business; we’re fostering an ecosystem for AI-driven creativity and entrepreneurship. This marketplace serves as the connective tissue, binding a passionate community of AI enthusiasts. Chattly provides users with a frictionless experience for building websites, generating AI content, automating search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

Spearheading the AI Revolution Through Strategic Startup Investments

In the rapidly accelerating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), visionaries are revolutionizing the way we interact, work, and live. At INNOVATIVV, we channel over two decades of SEO expertise to identify and empower these visionaries, partnering with AI startups that not only disrupt, but also redefine their sectors.

By investing in these high-potential AI startups, INNOVATIVV is not just contributing to the AI revolution; we’re driving it. Our deep roots in SEO, coupled with our unwavering commitment to AI innovation, allow us to identify and amplify the potential in disruptive AI startups. We seek to partner with the boldest AI visionaries, the innovators pushing boundaries, the trailblazers daring to challenge the status quo.

Join us as we continue to invest in and foster the growth of AI startups, harnessing the power of AI to transform industries and redefine the future.

INNOVATIVV goes beyond investing on the cutting edge of AI technology; we’re investing in the startups that are pushing that edge further.

To all the disruptors, innovators, and visionaries out there, we’re here to bring your visions to life. Together, let’s shape the future of AI.